A-Ha frontman Morten Harket struggled to deal with his quick rise to fame, insisting stars are "ousted" from normal society when they hit the big time.
The Norwegian band formed in 1982 and were world famous three years later thanks to their smash hit Take On Me and the single's revolutionary music video.
And Harket admits the trio was stunned at how much their lives changed once they were in the spotlight, insisting he was forced to adapt to deal with life in the spotlight.
He tells the Bbc, "The main thing that happens to you when fame happens to you is that you're ousted from society. That's actually what happens. Everything changes because you, for other people, become something else, someone else, so you're no longer them.
"The bus is no longer yours, the train, the shops, the supermarket, the streets, so that's really the main thing that changes.
"It's not a comfortable thing, it's an exciting thing. There's a lot of energy to it (fame) and you don't know what it is at the beginning. It hits you like a train. But then you understand it more and you try to compensate and make things work because you're just you anyway. You don't change really, but you have to adapt to it."