Morrissey's next Los Angeles concert will be 100 percent vegetarian.

The singer - who is a renowned animal rights activist and vegetarian - has enlisted the help of the Staples Center to ban all vendors both in and around the 20,000-capacity venue from serving ''flesh as food'' on the night of his upcoming March 1 concert.

Morrissey commented: ''I don't look upon it as a victory for me, but a victory for the animals.''

The iconic gig location and promoter Goldenvoice will also donate a portion of ticket proceeds to animal welfare charity PETA.

Closed vendors for the concert - which also features Patti Smith - include McDonald's, as well as the Center's own outlet.

The Staples Center allegedly denied the same request to Paul McCartney in the past, but decided to make an exception for former The Smiths star Morrissey.

The singer has been forced to cancel a number of dates on his North American tour while he receives treatment for a bleeding ulcer, throat condition Barrett's esophagus, and anemia.

He is scheduled to return to the stage in San Diego on February 27.