Morrissey does not think a reunion of The Smiths would ''make sense''.

The singer-songwriter enjoyed critical acclaim alongside Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce in the 1980s, but after subsequently finding success as a solo artist, Morrissey does not wish to reunite with the band.

He said: ''It's no longer a question of time or wounds, but simply that the issue is now so remote that the question doesn't make sense any more.''

The 57-year-old star also hit out at the lack of support the 30th anniversary of the Smith's 'The Queen is Dead' has received from their record label.

He told ''People want new vinyl now, they do not want the old originals. Physicals were only ever removed at the wish of the major labels ... who didn't want stock clogging up their offices and hallways.''

The outspoken singer also accused labels of not giving music fans what they actually want.

He explained: ''People still want to go into shops to buy LPs and even 7-inch discs, but it doesn't suit the labels whereas streaming does ... and consequently music bought with no effort has resulted in meaningless music charts.''