Former Smiths singer Morrissey will not be involved with this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the BBC has confirmed.

He had been in talks to help write a track for the competition after he was approached following a number of comments he made about the quality of last year's song.

Daz Sampson's song, Teenage Life, came an embarrassing fifth from last in the contest.

"I was horrified but not surprised to see the UK fail," Morrissey said in an interview at the time. "Why didn't they ask me?"

But he will "definitely not" be helping the UK to succeed, a spokeswoman for the BBC told its news website.

"The BBC approached several artists and Morrissey was one of those that expressed an interest," she said.

"Unfortunately, we were unable to go ahead with him being involved and we can now confirm that he definitely will not be taking part in this year's competition."

The UK's song will compete with 23 other European nations for the Eurovision title in Helsinki, Finland, later this year.

23/02/2007 13:57:40