Animal-loving rocker Morrissey nursed a pigeon back to health after it was run over by a motorbike.

The singer was in Rome, Italy, where he has a home, when he was shocked to see the bird writhing in agony on the ground after being struck by the passing vehicle.

So he took it to a safe place in the street and fetched bread to feed to the creature while it recovered from its ordeal.

The former The Smiths frontman tells New York newspaper The Village Voice, "In Rome a few weeks ago, a pigeon was zapped by a passing motorbike, and people just stepped over it as it writhed in agony in the center (sic) of the road. I ran into the road and picked it up and carried it to a dark corner. It was bloodied and dazed, but I returned later with bread and it responded very well.

"The point is, nobody would help the pigeon. People are so embarrassed to help. It's as if they can't forget about themselves for a split-second."