Morrissey turned down a role in David Walliams and Matt Lucas' new U.K. comedy show - because he's a "useless" actor.
The singing legend was in talks with the Little Britain duo to appear in the BBC's upcoming series Come Fly With Me, but he pulled out of negotiations shortly before filming began.
Walliams tells Britain's Heat magazine, "He liked the idea and there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing. Then, when we finally thought it would happen, I got this text...
"'I'd love to do it, because it's you, and because you and the bald one are unclassifiable yet genius... but the thing is, I can't b**ody act. I'd faint, I'd vomit, I'd cover the crew in diarrhoea... I'm just useless whenever someone shouts 'action'."