The former The Smiths frontman has waged war against the Material Girl since the early days of his career, and has previously branded her "absurd", "offensive", and "closer to organised prostitution than anything else".

However, he has now thrown his support behind the veteran pop star after she accused bosses at Britain's BBC Radio 1 earlier this year (15) of shunning her new music because of her age.

He tells Spanish newspaper El Mundo, "I think Madonna is right. For example, BBC Radio One does not pick her music because she's too old. But the music is good or bad, and the age of the interpreter is irrelevant. With this gesture, Radio One tries to look in on the wave... but all it does is show (it is) ridiculous, because it is saying that music will only (interest) youngsters, regardless of whether it is good or not. Who does that help?"

Morrissey is not the first star to support Madonna in her ageism row - last week (ends19Apr15) Rita Ora thanked her online for "paving a way" for older singers.