James Russell, the director behind Morrissey's new concert movie, has his sights set on filming AC DC at the Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge in Australia.

The filmmaker shot the former The Smiths star during his intimate show at Hollywood High School in Los Angeles earlier this year (13) and the footage made up Morrissey 25: Live.

And now Russell has ambitious plans to shoot heavy rockers Ac Dc Down Under.

He tells Wenn, "If I had a dream gig I'd like to film, it would be Ac Dc in front of Sydney Opera House or the Harbour Bridge. That would be amazing.

"I'd also like to film Rihanna in Barbados - that would be stunning in a totally different way."

The latter project might be an easier one to fix as Russell has already worked with Rihanna's pal Katy Perry - he was the director of her London Live performance in 2010.