Morrissey failed in his attempt to turn Los Angeles' Staples Center into a meat-free venue on Friday night (01Mar13) as he returned to the stage after a month-long battle with a bleeding ulcer.

The singer and his publicists assured fans that the concession stands at the venue would not sell hot-dogs and hamburgers at the gig, despite the fact owners insisted only the backstage area would be 100 per cent vegetarian, as per the performer's wishes.

At the gig, meat products were not outlawed but the Staples Center's MCDonald's stalls were closed throughout.

Morrissey followed up his Staples Center gig with a high school concert in Hollywood on Saturday (02Mar13), where he was introduced by fellow veggie and number one celebrity fan Russell Brand.

During the sold out Hollywood High School show, Morrissey attempted to hammer home his meat-free message by airing a video explaining how caught fish die and an extremely graphic clip of cow and chicken slaughters as he performed Meat is Murder.

The former The Smiths star ended the show by carrying a nine-year-old fan around after the youngster managed to sneak past security and onto the stage.