Morrissey has spoken out on the current music scene, saying that he finds most of those involved "boring".

The former SMITHS frontman has recently said he does not want to retread old ground by reforming the legendary Manchester band.

He has lashed out at the lack of individuality among today's musicians during an interview with Ian Camfield for Xfm

"I think everyone is quite boring in music. I can't see any voices who are taking the plunge and risking anything," he said.

"They're padding down the plank and everyone's just lining up and accepting awards. It's very, very difficult for me and very distressing. I can't see anyone who's very individualistic."

He went on to say that he hopes one person will come along who can "change everything"

The singer recently told BBC Radio 2 Host Stuart Maconie that he cannot understand why people still ask about a SMITHS reunion

MORRISSEY'S new album YEARS OF REFUSAL is due out on Monday.

13/02/2009 11:27:11