The Suedehead singer is currently on tour in South America and took the opportunity to address the issue ahead of a scheduled concert in Peru's capital Lima on Saturday (19Dec15).

The outspoken animal rights campaigner branded the bloodsport "torture" and "diabolically contrived" and urged his fans in the country to call for an end to the long-standing tradition.

In a post on his official fansite, titled Plea to Peru, he writes, "As the world changes and progresses in a thousand positive ways, the torture of bulls continues in Peru. It is termed bullfighting even though no fight is possible: the bull has no defense against a large parade of miserably gleeful 'bullfighters', their superiority complex so full of airs and graces, yet unable to face the bull without a slew of weaponry and support.

"Bull torture has no forgiveness. Diabolically contrived, the 'bullfight' is a Peruvian tradition, as was black slavery. It is an old imperial formula that still exists only in pursuit of the stupidity of money... Such an ancient ache shreds Peruvian society, and drops any civilization low on the totem pole.

"Duty to the human soul demands the abolition of this savagery. Please blast Pedro Cateriano with a call for change, with social justice for animals at any cost.

"The world has moved on, and Peru must also. Otherwise, what is the point of anything? Must savagery always have the final word? Bulls have no rights simply because they cannot speak Spanish? Why don't the bullfighters simply fight one another... to the death?"

In 2006, Morrissey announced a self-imposed ban on performing in Canada in protest at its annual seal culling.