Rockers Morrissey and The Strokes are among the big names who've signed an anti-fascist petition in London - in a bid to keep extremist party the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY (BNP) out of office.

Musicians including Franz Ferdinand, THE KINGS OF LEON, Jarvis Cocker and The Libertines have also put their names down on the UNITE AGAINST FASCISM petition, which aims to prevent the BNP winning a seat in the London Assembly next month (JUN04).

London Mayor Ken Livingstone tells music website NME.COM, "The BNP is a racist party, not a 'respectable' party.

"The BNP needs just five per cent of the vote to get a seat on the London Assembly. To win a seat, the BNP need a low turnout.

"If you want to stop the Fascists in London, use your vote."

At the last London Assembly elections in 2000 where there was a 31 per cent turnout - the BNP won three per cent of the vote.

This time the turnout is expected to be as low as 27 per cent and the BNP only needs five per cent to win a seat on the London Assembly.

31/05/2004 17:01