Morgan Spurlock 's latest documentary, 'Mansome' has so far received a mixed response from critics. An exploration into the world of male grooming, Spurlock doesn't seem to have delved quite deep enough into his subject matter. It's not in-depth enough, it's not funny enough and it doesn't seem to be interesting enough, according to initial reports on the movie.
Spurlock is best-known for his documentary on over-eating and obesity in the Usa. Released in 2004, 'Super Size Me' has been credited with raising awareness about health and nutrition in the States and, pleasantly, it also made for rather entertaining viewing. Perhaps the lack of controversy involved in male grooming was 'Mansome's downfall? It seems as though Spurlock may have realised, part-way through filming, that his subject matter wasn't really worthy of a full-length feature. A review from Usa Today suggests that the documentary was "whisker-thin" and argues that "The film purports to examine men's contemporary grooming practices, but it mostly just exhibits them."
The concept for the movie was not Morgan's own but instead, was hatched by Jason Batemen and Will Arnett; possibly another contributing factor that led The New York Times to describe the movie as "Fluffy, repetitive and not nearly funny enough," in comparison to some of his own ventures. The Seattle Times provides a brief glimpse of redemption for the celluloid foray into follicle misadventure, describing it as a "cheerful enough 82 minutes." Fine for entertainment value, just don't enter the movie theatre looking for an education, this time around.