Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has won the odd honour of renaming a city to promote his new documentary about product placement.
On Wednesday night (13Apr11), Altoona City Council officials unanimously voted to sell the naming rights of the Pennsylvania town to the director and his production company Warrior Poets.
As a result, from 27 April (11), Altoona will be known as Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold for 60 days.
Spurlock tells WENN he chose Altoona as the site of his publicity stunt because it is "a shining example of struggling cities all across America".
The money received by the city for the naming rights will be designated to the City of Altoona Police Department.
The filmmaker adds, "I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the shifting tide of business in America than by purchasing the naming rights to Altoona. For the next 60 days, Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Pennsylvania will be the most clever example of how an American city is marketing itself today."
Altoona Mayor Bill Schirf admits he and all residents are excited about the temporary name change: "Altoona has a rich history and a great story to tell. Morgan is giving us a platform to show the world the hidden treasure found in the Altoona community.
"Clearly, the people of Altoona have a sense of humour... and an asking price."
Spurlock's new film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, which is sponsored by beverage firm Pom, opens in cinemas on 22 April (11).
The quirky documentary was a big hit at this year's (11) Sundance Film Festival - Sony picked up the rights for the film on the night before the festival got underway.