OSCAR-winning actor Morgan Freeman has won a cybersquatting case in a ruling by an international arbitrator.

The MILLION DOLLAR BABY star was today (10MAY05) found to have common law rights to the contested internet domain name, which had been registered by a St Kitts and Nevis-based website operator.

The operator, identified as MIGHTY LLC, misused Freeman's trademark to lure surfers to its website in "bad faith", independent arbitrator PETER NITTER said in a ruling.

The ruling was announced by the WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANISATION (WIPO), a UNITED NATIONS agency which promotes protection of trademarks and patents, and whose arbitration centre resolves disputes over domain names.

Freeman joins the ranks of entertainers including Julia Roberts, SPIKE LEE, Madonna and Eminem who have won their cases under WIPO's procedure.

10/05/2005 21:21