Movie star Morgan Freeman is beginning to believe in the healing power of the Highlands after a Scottish fan cured him of a disabling flu on the set of a new movie in a matter of seconds.

The actor was shooting new project Freedomland in Glasgow, Scotland, when he was hit with flu symptoms and feared he'd have to quit work on the movie.

When a local told him she could heal him on the spot, Freeman was far from convinced - but he was soon amazed by his recovery.

He says, "I felt awful and this lady came up to me and said, `If you would like I have healing hands and I can make you feel better.' I said, 'Well, sure.'

"I sat down and she did normal things. She said breath deep and relax. That got rid of my muscle pain. She laid her hands on me and down the sides of my shoulders, she did it twice, and then she went and sat down. And the pain went away.

"I said, 'I don't even believe in this.' But when it works, it works. And it worked on me in spite of my scepticism."

Freeman admits his days of accepting work on chilly locations are over after back to back freeze-outs in Canada filming LEVITY and DREAMCATCHER.

He adds, "I don't do cold because my body rebels. I get pains everywhere. They work real hard at keeping me comfortably warm because they know I'll get sick and die."