OSCAR winner Morgan Freeman overcame his dislike of commercial movies and agreed to star in Batman BEGINS, because blockbuster movies pay more money.

The veteran actor is proud of his roles in critically acclaimed dramas including The Shawshank Redemption and Million Dollar Baby.

But he feared his film choices limited the amount of cash he could earn, so he accepted the part opposite Katie Holmes in the action sequel.

He explains, "I haven't been asked to play in any of the major blockbuster types of movie - Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Star Wars, any of that.

"Alec Guinness, who was one of England's most admired and able character actors, played OBI-WAN KENOBI in STAR WARS.

"He said he made more money off that movie than he'd made in all the movies he'd made prior to that. So I thought okay, my shot."

01/06/2005 03:03