Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has stepped in to aid those affected by America's devastating Hurricane Katrina by helping to organise an online auction.

The auction, which also includes corporate-donated items, will open today (01SEP05) on the Charity Folks website, an online auction venue, and will run until 16 September (05).

Items include the opportunity to attend a screening of Freeman's upcoming film, AN UNFINISHED LIFE, a resort getaway and memorabilia packages from various movies.

Proceeds will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Freeman, 68, says, "It's sort of well-known that anytime any catastrophe happens anywhere in the world, they can count on the United States for help.

"Now, charity begins at home, so we call on anybody who has even the thought (of giving) to get beyond the thought and help these people."

Freeman, who lives in the Mississippi Delta, adds that his property missed the brunt of the hurricane, getting just rain and high winds.