The 40-year-old actor realises many people are embarrassed by the music they listened to when they are little, but he has no such qualms. In fact, he remains amazed that his first experience of live music was seeing a rap group famed for tracks about drugs - such as White Lines (Don't Don't Do It).

"The first concert I went to, I was six years old and I went to a Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five concert," he laughed to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "That was an inappropriate concert, you do not take a six year old there. It was my best friend and his mom, his mom took us because she wanted to go. She was probably 25 or something. I still remember it, some images are seared into my little brain."

Casey is a very different kind of parent to the two sons he shares with his wife Summer Phoenix. He likes to be completely prepared should anything happen to the kids, which means he even has an earthquake readiness kit handy.

"Yeah I do, I have one," he admitted. "I don't know where it is. Because when you're a parent you think you have to have that stuff, then it turns out it's, like, toilet paper. And water. What else do you need? A flash light, batteries, band aids."

Casey also opened up about working with Morgan Freeman - admitting the experience was a tricky one. They teamed up for 2007 movie Gone Baby Gone and while Casey didn't detail whether that was the film he was talking about, his first meeting with the legendary star on one set didn't go well. Morgan was annoyed after he was asked by the set manager to come to work early in case he needed a haircut.

"The man was too scared to say, 'I bought you in early, I thought you might need a haircut,' to Morgan Freeman and so he said, 'I'm very sorry, we're waiting on Casey.' And threw me under the bus," Casey laughed. "So when I showed up they said, 'Morgan would like to see you.' So I went to his room and he shouted at me about being a professional. It was a little bit like being in any of his other movies, Morgan's dressing me down with a very stern voice. I didn't want to throw the other guy under the bus so I said, 'I'm very sorry sir I promise you I'll be more professional.'"