Morena Baccarin agreed to marry Ben McKenzie on her birthday if he promised to get her two gifts every year.

The happy couple tied the knot at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, New York on June 2 this year but the 'OC' star has now revealed his wife only agreed to tie the knot on that specific date if he swore he would never get her one gift for both occasions.

Ben said: ''I just got hitched. We wanted to get married at the Botanic Gardens in Brooklyn, which was beautiful. When we wanted to book it, which was over a year in advance in our defense, the only date available was my wife's birthday.

''It is sweet or so I thought. It's sweet, and half of her loves that and I think she just wants me to be clear that she is going to get a birthday present and there is going to be an anniversary gift and it's a whole week. She's Brazilian and birthdays are very special.''

And Ben is hopeful that because the dates of her birthday and their anniversary are on the same day, it will mean he is less likely to forget one of them.

Speaking to host Harry Connick Jr. on television show 'Harry', he added: ''The good news is if I do it right, it's going to be a great year every year, if I hit June 2nd we are good but if I forget anniversary and birthday, it's going to be a bad year.''