Moody British trio Morcheeba were left terrified when they found themselves in China in March (03) - at the height of the SARS outbreak.

The group was mystified when they saw locals wandering around Beijing wearing face masks, and thought they were necessary fashion accessories to battle rising pollution levels.

Singer SKYE EDWARDS says, "We didn't have a clue. No one told us anything. We shouldn't even have been there."

But Edwards admits the promotional trip, her first to China, was amazing - if only for the food.

She adds, "The food was amazing. We had this guide who had lived all over China and he really knew where the best places were.

"We set up this private meeting-eating club, where we'd try something new at somewhere new every night. One night we went to this zoo - there were live crocodiles in a tank and live snakes and raccoons. Everything was on the menu.

"I tried snake for the first time but I couldn't quite stomach racoon. We basically said, 'No dog, no cat, but we'll try anything else.' But I couldn't eat the raccoon."

24/06/2003 21:09