Monty Python star Eric Idle won't be rooting for his native England when the team opens it's World Cup run in South Africa on Saturday (12Jun10) - he'll be cheering for his adopted U.S.A.
England are the clear favourites to win the match, but Idle is betting on the Americans to cause a major upset.
He says, "I'm excited... Although I am English (and) I have to suffer with England, my money is on America to beat them on Saturday.
"I think... (it's) a good bet. You can get decent odds in England on this, because the English are very confident. But the Americans are a very good team, very hard to beat. So, it'll probably end up a tie, I would think."
The 2010 FIFA World Cup opened with two draws on Friday (10Jun10) - the host nation, South Africa, and Mexico scored a goal apiece, and Uruguay's game against France finished scoreless.