Monty Python star John Cleese will lose his New York apartment and plush London home in a bitter divorce battle, according to the actor's pal Michael Winner.
The actor is currently divorcing estranged spouse Alyce Faye Eichelberger Cleese.
He was forced in May (08) to pay her $150,000 (GBP75,000) a month in temporary maintenance fees. And it is believed Eichelberger is now demanding two houses, half of Cleese's earnings since 1992, plus further maintenance dues of $1.8 million (GBP900,000) per year, claiming she has no money of her own.
And film director Winner fears his friend will lose his fortune and property empire.
He says, "Until the divorce is settled, she's on GBP900,000-a-year maintenance, plus use of a beach house in Santa Barbara and other properties. Not bad for a 15-year marriage that did not produce any children.
"I remembered his wife saying to me during a previous marriage wobble, 'I'm going to take John for all I can. He won't know what's hit him.'
"Well, he does now."