HOUSE star OLIVIA WILDE has been signed up to star in a new comedy film in the style of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Wilde has been cast alongside funnyman Jack Black and Superbad star Michael Cera in Year One, which has been scripted by Ghostbusters writer and star Harold Ramis. The movie - due for release next summer (09) - will attempt to recapture the spirit of the original Monty Python films including The Holy Grail and The Life Of Brian. And Wilde is delighted to be involved in the project as she has long been a fan of the legendary British comedy group. She says, "The script is so funny. I'm a huge Monty Python fan, and it's definitely got Python-esque humour. It's over-the-top, but smart. Michael Cera and Jack Black are searching for the meaning of life."