LATEST: The bear country star TROY GENTRY illegally killed in Minnesota is set to become a museum piece as part of an exhibition about improper hunting ethics. Gentry agreed to give up hunting in Minnesota for five years after pleading guilty to falsely registering a captive bear as a wild kill in 2004. The Montgomery Gentry singer, 39, also agreed to pay a $15,000 (GBP7,700) fine and hand the bow and arrow he used to kill the captive bear over to authorities under a plea agreement, so he could avoid jail. And now the regretful singer plans to hand over the hide of the black bear he killed, so that others can learn from his mistakes. His attorney, RON MESHBESHER, says, "It hasn't been fully decided, but there was some talk about (it going to) a museum in Minnesota." Gentry sent the bear, dubbed CUBBY, to a taxidermist for mounting after shooting it with a bow in a fenced-in area. In a public apology after the matter was resolved in court last November (06), Gentry said, "I relied on the experts around me for guidance, and I regret that today. "Not so much because I was fined and punished, but because it appears that I don't have respect for the law. This has been a humbling experience for me, and one which I deeply regret."