Monster-In-Law director Robert Luketic was shocked to be a guest at Jennifer Lopez's wedding to Marc Anthony last year (04), because he thought he was attending a barbecue.

The Australian film-maker was invited by his film's star to the 'party' in the garden of her Beverly Hills, California home on 5 June (04), unaware Lopez would be wedding third husband Anthony after a four-month courtship.

Luketic recalls, "She said, 'I'm having a little barbecue this Saturday, come over.'

"So I'm wearing shorts and flip-flops and I've got a bottle in my hand and I rock up and there are 18 helicopters hovering above. I'm the only outsider invited to the wedding. Everyone was dressed beautifully. She just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to tell.

"So I went in and I got drunk and I danced with the mother in my flip-flops."

22/07/2005 01:55