HIGH MUSICAL SCHOOL star Monique Coleman conquered her lifelong fear of swimming for the TV sequel. The 26-year-old actress admits she was horrified when director Kenny Ortega announced the finale of the film would involve the cast jumping off a small waterfall into a swimming pool. Instead of opting out of the watery extravaganza, Coleman decided to conquer her fear and embarked on swimming lessons to prepare herself for the scene. She says, "I chose to learn to swim for a couple of reasons. I felt safe to learn on set. As actors we're paid to have experiences and to learn new things. I felt like that fact I had this huge fear to overcome would be inspiring to someone else. I was horrified. My best friend was there so we would go out and practice. "Jumping in - It was horrifying. I'm not gonna pretend it was great but when I came up and realised I was still alive, that felt great."