Monica Potter is pregnant.

The former 'Parenthood' star took to her Instagram account to reveal she is going to be a mother for the fourth time by sharing a picture of her baby bump.

She wrote: ''I have something to share... (sic)''

The new arrival will be the 46-year-old actress' second child with her husband Daniel Christopher Allison, who she already shares 12-year-old daughter Molly Brigid with.

Monica has two older kids, Daniel 27, and Liam, 23, from her former marriage to Tom Potter, and she previously joked she pops a kid out ''every decade''.

Speaking in 2009, she quipped: ''I have one every decade. So I started in my teens, then I had one in my 20s, and then my 30s. Enough now. No more.''

At the time, Monica - who appeared as Kristina Braverman in the NBC series for five years - said she would ''adopt one'' if she felt the need to have another child.

The 'Con Air' star has admitted becoming a parent is ''even bigger than marriage'' and made her care less about herself.

She previously said: ''Once you become a parent, you automatically care less about yourself than you do about your child.

''It's even bigger than marriage. Maybe it shouldn't be, but for me, it is.''

Monica also previously admitted she tries to raise her children in ''the right way'' but would never attempt to ''control'' their whole lives.

She said: ''I just feel like if you try to raise your kids the right way - give them room to make mistakes, but also guide them in a direction that you hope to see them go - that's all you can ask for. You can't control them your whole life.''

But one drawback she has noticed about having kids at different ages is that she cannot take them to see the same films.

Speaking in 2012, she added: ''What makes me sad is that I can't get them all to see the same movie unless it's something we can all relate to.

''I'll take Molly to see a movie that the boys are just not into at all. And she can't watch certain things that they watch.''