LATEST: Notorious White House mistress Monica Lewinsky is distancing herself from Hillary Clinton's revealing autobiography.

The former intern, whose indiscretions with former American president BILL CLINTON in 1998 are salaciously exhumed in Hillary's memoirs LIVING HISTORY, has turned down offers to review the book - and insists she hasn't even read press excerpts.

Her spokeswoman, BARBARA HUTSON, confirmed Lewinsky had rebuffed offers to review Clinton's tome, saying, "It's her choice, she just doesn't want to do it."

And Lewinsky herself told reporters camped outside her New York apartment yesterday, "I haven't read them."

Meanwhile neighbours of the 29-year-old predicted the effect the release of the memoirs - which hit American book shops next week (begs09JUN03) - will have on Lewinsky.

Neighbour, ROBBIE AVECHEN tells New York's DAILY NEWS newspaper, "I'm sure she thought this was finally behind her With this book coming out, she now has to deal with all of this coming back to haunt her. And I'm sure this will sell Hillary a lot of books."

05/06/2003 21:21