Monica Bellucci has teased she may be starring in 'Bond 25'.

The 53-year-old actress portrayed Bond girl Lucia Sciarra opposite Daniel Craig in 'Spectre' back in 2015, and recently Craig admitted he would love to see her reprise the role in his final outing as 007.

Now, Bellucci has teased she cannot ''say anything'' about whether she will be back in the spy franchise.

The 53-year-old actress tantalised media with her comment as she stepped out in Rome on Tuesday evening (07.11.17) to collect the Virna Lisi lifetime achievement award,

Bellucci was praised for her performance as Lucia Sciarra - the widow of an infamous Italian assassin - in 'Spectre' but her screen time was limited and fans wanted to see more of her as the oldest Bond girl.

Bellucci was 51 at the time of filming and if she does appear in the new movie - which is slated for release in November 2019 - then she would break her own record.

Craig, 49, only recently confirmed he would be donning Bond's famous tuxedo one final time, and his motivation for staying in the franchise is that he will break the late Sir Roger Moore's record as the longest Bond when 2019 rolls around as he will have been in possession of the iconic part for 13 years.

He previously said: ''I've been quite cagey about it ... I think this is it. This is it. I just want to go out on a high note, and I can't wait.''

Although not much is known about the plot of Bond 25 as of yet, it's reported the movie could be incorporating some cutting edge gadgets, including spacecrafts and aquatic cars - things which have featured in previous Bond adventures.