Monica Bellucci still has ''so many things'' to learn as a parent.

The 'Spectre' star - who has Deva, 15, and Léonie, nine, with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel - insists she is still learning a lot about motherhood and says her sole focus is having a ''good relationship'' with them.

She said: ''I had my children late [at 40 and 45] so I could have my career, I had time to create my career. I try really to be there and even though I am there, there are still so many things I have to learn as a parent. I am learning day by day. For me, the most important thing is to have a good relationship with my kids because the thing that would make me the most sad in life is not to have a good relationship with them.''

And the 55-year-old actress wants her kids to know how ''fake'' social media can be as she doesn't want them to be drawn away from real life.

She added to Australia's 9Honey Celebrity: ''The relation of love and respect, to have that with your children, they will look at you as a real person, as a mother ... As I say all the time to my kids, 'Guys, on Instagram you can fake a life - you can create a life that is not real. The image is a part of you but it is just the point of the iceberg, it is nothing compared with reality.' It's so important to see the difference between the fantasy of an image and the real you. So, for my kids, I want to be a mother, and not an actress - their mother and not as someone on the movies.''