Monica Bellucci ''respects'' her natural features.

The 'Spectre' star feels it is important for women to accept themselves for who they are and criticises society's need to tell people to ''pretend to be someone else''.

She said: ''I think it is important, at a certain point, to accept yourself. My nature is to be a shapely woman and of course, if before a role I have to lose some weight I do it, but my nature is to be like that. And also, I want to respect my nature, I think it's important. Because, even when I was a model, a long time ago, I was like that and I would never pretend to be someone else.''

And the 55-year-old actress thinks creating the ''ideal woman'' that everyone else has to be is ''dangerous''.

She added: ''I think that, the secret is, we are all different and the difference is the beauty. I don't think that we have to all look the same. Sometimes in fashion, they create the ideal woman and they have to be all the same. And sometimes this can be dangerous because I think that we are all beautiful and different and beautiful in a different way.''

And Monica feels women stay younger longer nowadays.

She told Australia's 9Honey Celebrity: ''What's interesting is that women today stay young for a long time. They feel more free to speak out, they have so much respect for themselves because they are more involved in society and they're more independent. And because of that, they're much more respected, in some way. And, at the same time, women today, if they take care of themselves, they can stay in good shape for a long time so, ultimately, they see themselves in a different way and that's why they are looked, they are watched, in a different way.''