Supermodel Molly Sims and her actor boyfriend Enrique Murciano have been blacklisted by Las Vegas, Nevada, hotel and casino BELLAGIO after sleeping through the launch party for new club LIGHT.

The celebrity couple were flown to the party by Bellagio bosses and put up at the swanky hotel, but, after shopping and showering, they fell asleep.

Sims says, "We had two or three hours before the event started, so I went and looked at all the shops and then we had a couple of drinks at this restaurant and then we took a shower and then we laid down.

"We slept until two o'clock in the morning and missed the event.

"I swear to God they almost sent us back on a GREYHOUND bus. They were so mad. They said, 'Bruce Willis had flown in and flown out for two hours, and you can't even show up!'"

Ironically, Sims now stars in new American TV show LAS VEGAS.

12/10/2003 20:51