Model-turned-actress Molly Sims is desperate to return to New York City, despite her reluctance to pay the Big Apple's inflated real estate prices. The LAS VEGAS star regrets selling her Manhattan flat in favour of sunny California, insisting she'd make the move back to the east coast if the price was right. She tells the New York Post, "I miss Manhattan badly. I rented in Hollywood six years, and with my first money I bought the house, but I'm now looking for two bedrooms, two baths, in the Village, TriBeCa or Upper West Side. "I can't believe I sold my apartment. In just four years, the difference in price is crazy. I'm from the crackerbarrel of Tennessee. We don't spend three million dollars. I'll have to get into the mindset that if I don't use it I can always rent it out. "I miss everything. New York theatre, New York stimulation, New York conversation. Out there (in Hollywood) it's one topic: 'What have you got going next?' or 'What's your freaking demo, what's your rating?'"