Molly Sims is jealous of Claire Danes' post-baby body.

The 'Homeland' actress showed off her incredible physique in a figure hugging gown at the Golden Globes earlier this month, just a few weeks after giving birth and Molly admitted she is struggling to lose weight seven months after having her son.

She told Us Weekly: ''I'm still about 10 pounds away and my baby is seven months. And I look at Claire Danes at the Globes and I'm like, I hate you.''

Molly, 39, revealed she has had to work extra hard to lose the baby weight because of a thyroid problem.

She said: ''My thyroid kind of shut down, so that really made it very difficult in terms of the weight loss.

''The problem can't [cut back your diet] until you stop breastfeeding, and I stopped at three months because I had no milk.

''[Some] women will say, 'Oh my god, it's so easy, and I eat M&Ms and I breastfeed all day long,' and that's just not true.''