Molly Sims ''dreads'' the return of her adult acne.

The 41-year-old model was so self-conscious about the ''painful and utterly heinous'' skin condition that it began to dictate her mood and take over her everyday life.

She wrote for Refinery29: ''This acne wasn't just messing with my career; it was messing with my mood, my confidence, my life.

''Each morning, I woke up and ran to check out my face in the bathroom mirror. Right away, I could tell if it was going to be a good day or a bad day.''

The 'Sports Illustrated' star - who famously featured in the magazine back in 2006 wearing a $30 million diamond bikini - has struggled to deal with the pimples herself.

The pretty blonde accidentally burnt off layers of her skin when she tried to combat one of the painful spots with toothpaste before her first shoot for the MTV show 'House of Style' back in 2000.

She explained: ''I was supposed to be a supermodel. The make-up artist at the shoot spent an hour and a half taming the beast.

''Because I had burnt my skin with the harsh paste, the make-up wouldn't stick. It just kept sliding off.''

Over a decade later, Molly - who is married to American film producer Scott Stuber - is yet to find a ''magic pill'' to cure her condition.

She said: ''You would think that it wouldn't bother me anymore.

''But every time a new beast decides to camp out on my face, I can still feel that pit of dread settle in my stomach. I'm literally just waiting for its diabolical return.''