Mollie King has only ever kissed four men.

The Saturdays singer is smitten with her new boyfriend, Dolce & Gabanna model David Gandy, because of their shared sense of humour and interests outside work, but also admitted she loves locking lips with the hunk.

She said: "He makes me laugh. And he's really grounded. I like the fact that when we're together we never really talk about work. I don't want someone who's obsessed with this world. I also love kissing. I feel like it's really intimate and very special. I've only kissed four boys in my life."

Mollie also admitted she has asked David for a copy of his forthcoming photographic book - but he told her it would be "sad" for her to own it.

She said: "He has a coffee-table book coming out of pictures from his D&G campaigns and I asked him if it would be really sad if I had a copy too. He was like, 'Yes!'"

The 24-year-old beauty finds it funny that people regard her new relationship as an achievement, and wishes more people viewed the romance the way her bandmates do.

She added in an interview with more! magazine: "People keep saying to me, 'Oh, well done Moll,' like I've achieved something. But if the rest of the girls are there, they say, 'He's done well, actually.' I'm like, 'Yeah! You go girls!'"