Former Saturdays singer Mollie King writes out a ''gratitude list'' at the end of each day to remind herself of all the things she should be thankful for in her life.

The 32-year-old singer-turned-radio DJ thinks it's important to focus on all the positive parts of your life rather than the negative aspects and she finds having the ''gratitude list'' is important for providing her with the right mindset.

Speaking to Celebrity Secrets magazine, she said: ''Before bed, I write down everything I'm grateful for in a 'gratitude list', my goal this year is to keep up with that.

''I set myself goals for the year to keep me motivated. In the past I've created a vision board, putting up pictures of what I'd like to achieve.''

Mollie has also struggled with body image during her career, especially when she was a member of the girl group The Saturdays, and also often doubts her talents.

However, the 'What About Us' hitmaker is lucky to have the support of her mother Susan, her BBC Radio 1 co-host Matt Edmondson and 'This Morning' presenter Ruth Langsford who always give her advice and reassurance.

She explained: ''If you're ever having a self-love crisis think how everyone's unique. When I was young I wanted to be curvier, but as I've aged I've embraced my shape. We all get hung up over out body, but it's important to be proud of whatever your shape and size.

''My mum massively helped with my confidence over the years. I also turn to my Radio 1 co-host Matt Edmondson, and I get advice from Ruth Langsford, too. Ever since I went on 'Strictly' she's been nothing but kind. She's a truly wonderful woman.''