British pop star Mollie King has been targeted by cyber bullies since shooting to fame as part of The Saturdays, but the singer insists she has learned to live with the daily criticism.
The Saturdays have become one of Britain's biggest girl groups since the release of their first single in 2008, but King reveals they have suffered cruel jibes over their music.
The blonde beauty admits she used to get upset over the nasty comments, but she has now accepted it is all part of being in the public eye.
She tells Britain's Metro, "When we released our first single, we got horrible comments on YouTube slating us. I phoned our management in tears saying, 'Everyone hates us.'
"As time goes by, you learn not to take those comments on board. We receive a bit of abuse every day either on Twitter or YouTube but I'm doing what I love for a living and let it all go over my head.
"You want to see what the fans think of your new singles and videos but you always get one or two bad comments.
"Sometimes it sticks in your mind if someone says you look like a chimpanzee. I don't understand who has time to send stuff like that."