Mollie King felt like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' when she was treated badly in an expensive store.

The Saturdays beauty - who has previously dated Prince Harry - was in a London shop when a member of staff told her she would not be able to afford any of the items, leaving Molly to compare herself to Julia's character in the famous film who is turned away from a Rodeo Drive shop by a snooty shop assistant.

Molly tweeted: ''Oh NO I've just had the Pretty Woman incident where they tell me I can't afford anything in the shop...

''How long do I leave it before I walk back in with all my bags and say ''BIG mistake. Huge!'' ;-) (sic).''

Mollie recently revealed she wants to date an American man and goes especially weak at the knees for a New York accent.

She said: ''American guys are really nice, open and complimentary. UK guys think it is cheesy to be nice. Guys back home are a little bit more shy and reserved.

''I like a New York accent. If there is a hot New York guy I wouldn't say no. If there are any good ones, send them my way.''