Mollie King eats chocolate every day.

The Saturdays singer may appear svelte, but she admits she thinks about food all the time and snacks on her favourite sweet treat at least once a day.

The 25-year-old beauty told Closer magazine: ''My life revolves around food. I'm always thinking about what I'm going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

''I like really healthy food, but I've got the sweetest tooth in the world. I have to eat a piece of chocolate every day. I have a big bar of Dairy Milk in the fridge and I break a bit off and dip it in a cup of tea!''

Despite her love of chocolate, the glamorous '30 Days' singer likes to look good on the red carpet, and takes care to hit the gym at least twice a week to maintain her size eight figure.

She added: ''Being in the public eye, I like to look the best I possibly can. But I would never diet because I love food too much.''