Mollie King worries her dog will die every time she goes out the house.

The Saturdays singer panics when she leaves her home as she thinks her pet pooch could come to harm, and her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD] means she has make sure she has safeguarded her house before leaving her mutt alone.

She told BBC Radio 1: ''I do [have OCD] with locking the house and it's even worse, I have a dog called Alfie, when he's at home alone I really worry.

''I worry about turning lamps off, check all the candles are out, check all the doors are shut. I'm really OCD. I even worry about the cable of the hairdryer because I think, 'What if he gets his neck tangled or something?' ''

Mollie, 26, recently got the fright of her life when she thought her house had been broken into, all because she had left a light on.

She added: ''The worst time was a few months ago. I'm so OCD with turning the lights off and I came back and my bedroom light was on and I had the worst freak out because I know I always turn them off but I must have just made a mistake. But I was certain there was someone in my house.''

Mollie is not the only celebrity to suffer from a strange obsession. Cameron Diaz is fixated on germs and claims she is forever washing her hands and scrubbing doorknobs. Leonardo Dicaprio is terrified of walking on chewing gum in the streets and has to walk through doorways a number of times. Meanwhile, David Beckham is obsessed with order and can't stand to see odd numbers of items or unfolded clothes.