The media attention may all be on his brother and new wife Kate at the moment but Prince Harry could well have his own wedding bells ringing soon, if reports from the Daily Express are to be believed. According to today's story, the younger of the two princes is apparently "completely smitten" with Mollie King - one of the singers of the pop group The Saturdays.
Whether or not the 24 year-old pop singer would be considered a suitable match for the Prince will remain to be seen but she and Harry, 27, have apparently been spotted "flirting and partying in various London nightclubs" over the past few weeks. A source close to the couple reportedly told the paper "it's very early days for them but they're head over heels." Just last week, they were spied enjoying a karaoke session at London's Bunga Bunga club. Once the club closed at 3am, its owners allowed them to carry on their private party for a little longer, before leaving the club and going their separate ways.