Britain's Got Talent hopeful Sam Kelly has found himself yet another high profile fan, this time in the form of The Saturdays' singer Mollie King. The 19-year-old, who was recently linked with Prince Harry, called the reality contestant "very handsome", during a chat with STEPHEN MULHERN on the show's spin-off 'Britain's Got More Talent' this week.

The singing student stormed his way into the grand final on Saturday, getting the most public votes in the latest semi-final. Mollie explained why she thinks the Norfolk singer could go all the way, saying, "I think he's really likeable, you can relate to him. And the clip you saw of him at home in his bedroom makes you think 'I can really feel for this guy he looks like he really works hard'. And he is so good, you can't take that away from him". Mollie coyly added, "He's very handsome and I'm sure a lot of the girls are going to vote for that reason but he's just very good and that is what's going to show." Duncan James from the boy-band Blue, agreed, commenting, "I thought he was wicked I liked his voice, he's got really strong vocals, and I think he's going to do very well in this competition."

One of the favorites for Saturday's final - Loveable Rogues - have been dealt a potential blow ahead of the show after it emerged that they were approached by scouts before the initial auditions. According to the UK's Daily Mirror, the trio bypassed the lengthy queues and "pre-auditions" and were fast tracked into the live try-outs.