A man suspected of being linked to the murder of Dutch director THEO VAN GOGH is being extradited from London to the Netherlands.

Van Gogh, the great-great-grandson of the brother of artist legend VINCENT VAN GOGH, was fatally stabbed and shot in Amsterdam last November (02NOV04).

Dutch RACID BELKACEM, 32, agreed yesterday (20JUL05) to return to the Netherlands after his arrest in the British capital last month (JUN05).

Belkacem is believed to be part of a group of Muslim extremists who "maintained contact" with representatives of the Hofstad group - an alleged criminal organisation.

London police arrested Belkacem after an extradition request from Dutch authorities.

Magistrate ROSEMARY FERNANDES said computer files suggesting "recruitment of persons for the Jihad" were found at Belkacem's Dutch home.

Mohammed Bouyeri is currently on trial for the murder of Van Gogh after admitting to killing the film-maker after he was allegedly angered by an unflattering portrayal of Islam in Van Gogh's August 2004 film SUBMISSION.

Bouyeri is also suspected to have links to the Hofstad group.

21/07/2005 01:25