Mohammed Al Fayed has constructed "a complete fantasy" out of the last hours of Princess Diana's death, according to the British biographer who has spent years investigating the Harrods boss.

The Egyptian businessman has spent the past seven years trying to convince the public that Diana and his son Dodi Fayed's car crash death in Paris in 1997 was not an accident.

Al Fayed claims the British royal family set up the death with secret service agents - because Diana was planning to wed his son and give birth to his grandchild.

But, as part of a 48 HOURS INVESTIGATES special - which aired in America last night (21APR04) - biographer Tom Bower dismissed all of Al Fayed's claims as ludicrous.

Bower said, "He (Al Fayed) presents himself as such a bubbly warm Arab uncle when, in fact, he was a man who was rather sinister and dangerous. He is a great friend and a great enemy."

22/04/2004 21:06