Scottish rock band Mogwai have launched a scathing attack on Brit award winners James Blunt and COLDPLAY - because they attended the London music ceremony in person.

Despite his vitriol for Blunt and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Mogwai guitarist BARRY BURNS praised teen newcomers Arctic Monkeys for prioritising a gig in the south of England over the Brits last Wednesday (15FEB06).

Burns says, "The Brits. First off let us say a big well done to the Arctic Monkeys for not turning up to the Brit awards and instead playing a gig in Portsmouth. Why would you go? I think you have to pay to go anyway, which is a joke.

"And the Kaiser Chiefs won best 'rock act' which is just mental. They're not a rock band. I met one of them in Japan and he was lovely, if a little scared by my over-affable-drunkenness but they're no rock band.

"Coldplay's Chris Martin hinted he may avoid the limelight. 'People are fed up with us and so are we,' he said. No s**t, f**kface."

Burns saved his most cutting remarks for Blunt, saying, "I have spewed blood down dirty toilets with more talent than him. T**t."