Review of Travel is Dangerous EP by Mogwai

Travel is Dangerous
Pias Recordings
EP Review

Mogwai Travel is Dangerous EP

The indie ambient tune-crafters of Glasgow's Mogwai display their most conventional leanings in the journeying indie A-side, by putting on a pedestal, the muggy and contemplative vocals of Stuart Braithwaite. He also provides the trundling guitar element to help them achieve the same impact of The Church..

The remaining numbers emphasise the point that Mogwai are fast becoming music's equivalent to Charles Dickens, only their rambling descriptions are manifested in the instrumental climbs that seep into the mind, such as that displayed via live number 'Like Herod'. This winding five-track single includes two remixes. A highlight is the Errors reworking of 'Auto Rock', exposing some eerie tune building with a noire element to show this wholly instrumental number being given a creepily mesmerising coating. The whole range of Mogwai is laid out like an Arabian rug for your comfort and contemplation.


David Adair

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