Moby was drinking 60 units of alcohol a week a few years ago.

The 48-year-old musician realised he was consuming almost triple the recommended amount for men - which is 21 units a week - when he was filling out a survey for a study at Columbia University, New York City, and knew he had to cut down his heavy drinking lifestyle.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper: ''Before doing the study I was given a questionnaire, and one of the questions was: how many units of alcohol do you consume in a month? And I realised I was drinking about 60 units a week.''

Moby - real name Richard Melville Hall - felt embarrassed and didn't want to confess how much he was actually drinking during a doctor's consultation.

The now teetotal star explained: ''I remember lying to my doctor, saying it was somewhere between 30 to 40 and he was even concerned at that. I was having about 300 drinks a month. That made me realise it was maybe time to stop.''

Luckily, Moby - who has been open about his drug experimentation - didn't spend a lot of his fortune on booze and is glad alcohol isn't as expensive as cocaine.

Quizzed on whether he drank his money away, Moby - whose 1999 album 'Play' sold over 12 million copies worldwide -quipped: ''I love drugs as well, but the good thing about alcohol is, it's not very expensive. If you're going to have a crazy night on cocaine, it's going to cost a lot of money. But a crazy night drinking lager costs, like, $30.''