Dance superstar Moby is so relieved his long running feud with rapper Eminem has fizzled out, he's vowed to pick his battles more cautiously in the future.

The PLAY hitmaker had been locked in a bitter war of words for a number of years with Eminem, but now that things have quietened down, he's decided to wave the peace flag at every other star sharing the rapper's stature.

He says of Eminem, "I think we're okay. I haven't talked to him recently. I mean, from my side things are fine.

"I have a vow that if I am gonna pick public feuds, it shouldn't be with the most successful musician on the planet who has 30 big bodyguards. So in the future, if I'm gonna pick public feuds it's gonna be with like the bass tech for some indie rock band that no one's never heard of."

05/04/2005 21:29